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Back To School Reminders

Cherokee News Box

21-22 School Year

Back to School Reminders


  1. Masks are optional for students and vaccinated adults.  For adults in the building, who have not been vaccinated, it is recommended to wear a mask.


  1. Parents may walk their students to class in the morning during the first two weeks of school, but must first sign-in on Raptor.  Teachers may not be available or busy preparing for the day, so we ask that you respect their time and schedule a time to conference with them during their planning times or at a prearranged time before or after school.


  1. The pick-up line may be longer and take more time at the first of school.  Please follow all directions and allow time for this process to smooth out.


  1. School hours are from 8:15 to 3:15.  Students may arrive between 7:45 and 8:00.  2nd-4th grade students should report to the gym for waiting or to breakfast until the 8:00 bell rings.  Kindergarten and first-grade students will wait outside their classrooms in the lower hallway or may go to breakfast until the 8:00 bell.  After 8:00 all students will be sent to the cafeteria, their classroom, or another designated area for activity.  Students who arrive after 8:15 are tardy, please allow enough time for your child to get to their classroom on time. Car circle will close at 8:12 to allow time for students to walk to class.


  1. Another important school process is to communicate a consistent end-of-day plan with your child.  We are not able to deliver a change of dismissal notes after 2:30. We need a written note in your child’s daily folder for dismissal changes.  We are not able to allow a person not listed on your child’s enrollment/emergency card to pick your child up without your written permission.  

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