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Teaching as a Profession providing Science Hill students intro to career path

Teaching As A Profession


The potential teachers of tomorrow are getting an early start at Science Hill High School with the new Career and Technical Education program of study called Teaching as a Profession (K-12).

The four-class sequence is for students who are interested in becoming educators. The classes include Fundamentals of Education, Teaching as a Profession I, Teaching as a Profession II and Teaching as a Profession Practicum. Longtime Science Hill teacher Wendy Whitmore is teaching the classes and has been excited by the response and energy students are bringing to the classroom with this new opportunity.

“We’ve had a great response from students,” Whitmore said. “Science Hill students have a wonderful attitude about the promise that education can bring to kids. Our hopes are that many students who complete this program will return to Johnson City Schools as teachers after their university teacher training.”

The first class of the program is the Fundamentals of Education, which currently has 70 students enrolled. In the spring, Teaching as a Profession I will be offered and already has 10 students enrolled.

Science Hill freshman Kaci Boston said that she was excited to take the class because teaching is something that she has wanted to do since she was younger, as she recalled pretending to be a teacher in front of her toys.

“This class helps me learn the different things I need to do to become a teacher and how I can be an effective teacher,” Boston said. “I want to be able to establish a deep connection with my students because from personal experience I know how important that can be.”

Science Hill 11th grader Hannah Laurence-Vijay said that she has an interest in becoming a teacher.

“This class will help me get to understand more about what it really means to be a teacher,” Laurence-Vijay said. “Then I can truly decide if this is something that I really want. It’s a good opportunity, even if you don’t feel like you want to be in education, it’s still a good idea to learn about how the education system works.”

During the class, students will participate in group work, short lectures, and individual projects. They will learn about the structure of our current school system (federal, state, and local considerations) and also learn about major education theorists and those theorists’ ideas about learning. Students will also study the different careers in education and the different educators’ responsibilities, and will also have an introduction into human development and learning.

At the end of the semester, each student will compile an individual portfolio to show their personal connections to the ideas and information learned in the course. They will also attend field placement opportunities at local schools to see the education system in action.

These studies will help students like sophomore Jonathan Mateos Perez figure out if becoming a teacher will be their true career path before they get to college.

“This class is teaching me how to be skillful and ready to be a teacher,” Mateos Perez said. “I like teaching others, and this class is helping me prepare if I want to pursue teaching as a career.”

For more information about the Fundamentals of Education program of study, please visit Sciencehill.jcschools.org/CTE/FundamentalsofEducation. For other Career and Technical Education opportunities at Science Hill, visit Sciencehill.jcschools.org/CTE.

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