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Registration for Science Hill Summer School begins March 28

Science Hill Summer School


Science Hill High School will be hosting summer school from June 1 through June 28. Science Hill Summer School is for high school students who have failed a course(s) during the 2021-2022 school year or previous school years. Also, students taking a first-time credit that will not fit into their 2022-2023 school year schedule can take the course in summer school to stay on track to graduate. Students will have two morning class periods from 7:45-9:15 and 9:30-11. The afternoon session (11:30-2:45) will be available for credit recovery.

In order to register, students should see their counselor. Registration forms must be completed and submitted by May 1.


Summer School Registration Form


What is Summer School?

  • Summer School is for high school students who have failed a course(s) during the 2021-2022 school year or prior school years. To remain on track to graduate, students must attend summer school to earn the credit.
  • If a course for first-time credit will not fit in the 2022-23 school year schedule, students can take the course in summer school to stay on track to graduate.

When is it?

  • Summer School term is every day from June 1-June 28 (20 Days). Students have a schedule to follow that has two morning class periods (7:45-9:15, 9:30-11). Students enrolled in Credit Recovery are also expected to attend daily and meet the expectations for learning set for each week by the teacher.

What if I miss a day of Summer School?

  • Attendance in summer school is important for student success; therefore, students are required to attend every day of the summer term.
  • In grade replacement courses, two days absent are allowable with a doctor’s note or parent call-in that is approved in advance by the Summer School Coordinator.
  • In credit recovery, If a student misses 5 or more days of summer school, the student will be dropped from the program, and the Counselor will enroll the student in the needed course as part of the student’s daily schedule in the 2022-23 school year. If the student’s 2022-23 schedule will not allow for repeating the course, then the student will repeat the full course in after-school credit recovery.

Where is Summer School?

  • Summer School 2022 will be at SH main campus.

What type of instruction is used?

  • A blended model is used in summer school. The teacher will utilize a wide variety of strategies to deliver content to students. Chromebooks should be brought by students daily.

How many classes can I take?

  • Students enrolled in the two-period day can earn a credit for each period they are enrolled. Students enrolled in Credit Recovery complete one course at a time in Summer School. Once the first course is completed, students work to complete a second and third course, if needed. Requested courses are prioritized by order of importance for graduation. The school Counselor makes the final determination on the order of course completion.

How are grades calculated?            

  • In-person courses are treated the same as the traditional school year. The grade is determined by the Uniform Grading Policy
  • We understand that not all post-secondary institutions will accept credit recovery courses for credit and the NCAA Clearinghouse will NOT accept credit recovery courses for credit.
  • Tennessee State Board of Education Policy determines how credit recovery grades are calculated. Students who repeat a course in credit recovery receive “NC” for non-credit for the failed course, and the failing grade is removed from the student’s cumulative GPA. After passing the course through credit recovery, the student receives a grade of 70% D with “CR” for credit recovery listed by the course name on the transcript. The D is used in the cumulative GPA.

What are the building and classroom expectations?

  • All students are expected to follow the JCS Code of Conduct and the SHHS Student Handbook. Any additional academic and behavior expectations will be discussed with students by the Summer School Coordinator and teachers. Students asked to leave Summer School because of discipline infractions forfeit their chance to earn a course credit.

How do I register?

  • See your Counselor.

When is the deadline?

  • Registration must be completed by May 1. You will submit the parent permission form to your counselor, and transit form if necessary.



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